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Sounds of Leeds…

August 14th, 2015 by sally


So I had a super time at The Speakeasy night..saw some lovely music, drank some tasty beer, played a little set in front of a lovely crowd, caught up with some chums and then left The Speakeasy guys to go and check out King Zepha at The Smokestack..they were BRILLIANT… Thanks Bobby for initiating my ears to them! They had everyone doing a conga around the bar..I think that says enough about how good they were. Heres a video of them playing the Smokestack earlier this year… go and find out where they are playing and see them live!! love your live musicians! also love the sound guy who lets you put all your music gear safely away under his mixing desk so that you can tear up the dancefloor! xx

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Concert in Leeds!

August 12th, 2015 by sally

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

hope you are having a spiffing week – I have been digging for victory.

Tonight I shall be heading to Leeds to play The Speak Easy, at Crowd of Favours. It starts at 8pm. I played one of their nights earlier this summer on a sunny evening not unlike this one, and really enjoyed the chilled acoustic vibes…mmmm…

The Speak Easy are a great little institution, they put on acoustic events at various locations in the UK and have put on stages at various festivals too. I checked out their stage at Humber St Sesh recently – it was indoors in what is usually an antiques shop..It was like peering into a wonderland through the crowd!

Check out their website¬†HERE¬†to see more information (and don’t be afraid to get in touch if you are an acoustic act and you want to play!)

Now, I must make CD’s….







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Sonic Adventure Time…

August 5th, 2015 by sally

So I recently acquired a melodica for my birthday which is not yet, but soon. I was jamming out a new tune on it and it turned all reggae! Reggae melodica is ace! I then discovered that someone had thought of Reggae melodica many many years before me, which is excellent news – here is some Augustus Pablo…


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