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A small tale and some new videos…

November 12th, 2016 by sally

A few months ago I made a trip to London to catch the Yayoi Kusama exhibition and hang out with my fella. On the evening before we went out to a Wetherspoons near our hotel. I walked in and instantly it struck me as strange that there were so many people in the pub but it was so quiet!!

I had inadvertently walked into the regular deaf peoples night that is held there 🙂 I am hearing impaired and I know no other hearing impaired or deaf people really at all, so seeing so many people at once was a new thing for me! I got talking to one of the other people there after they signed to me but… I know no sign language! (It is one of the things on my eternal to do list to learn, should I find myself in the situation that my hearing gets even worse than it is now).

I mentioned that I was a musician and that I played gigs in London a couple of times a year. I told him where he could find my stuff on the internet and then he asked if I subtitled my videos…. I explained that I didn’t but that I would certainly do so from now on! So after I managed to get some filming done at one of my recent shows I have some new video’s up online and they are subtitled! hurray! Have a look on my videos page HERE

I am currently getting ready for my show next Wednesday at The Basement in York. I’m supporting Funke & the Two Tone Baby which means its going to be a really awesome show! Hopefully see you there!


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