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January 29th, 2017 by sally

Greetings everyone! it is nearly the end of Januarywhich I mention for the sake of having a generic reference point in time to which everyone can refer to.

I have been busy celebrating Christmas, drinking my body weight in excellent wine in the Basque country and recovering from a selection of viruses and illnesses! hurray! Although I am somewhat behind schedule with my activities… I have also garnered a small selection of shows early this spring which I shall announce to you now.

25th March 2017 – CUTE OWL Festival of Innovative Music @ The Troubadour in London. Current Billing is Tangerinecat, Stephanie Finegan,Code: Marla vs Spire Cranes and myself! Official event and Links to tickets to follow….

27th March 2017 – The Gaslight Club @ Oporto Bar in Leeds. More deets HERE

30th March 2017 – Awayke 12 @ The New Adelphi Club. More Deets HERE

I appreciate this is a rather long way away, so if you can’t wait that long… then get yourselves down to this show next Friday, where I will be performing with my band The Immigrants. We are an ultra groovy 7 piece dance party band. Sharing the stage with some other wonderful acts of which more details can be found HERE

In October I undertook a collaboration with my friend Barney. We performed a durational performance art piece at Ground Art Gallery entitled Control. It was kindly and meticulously recorded by some excellent humans, and my next task (after doing my tax return) is to respond to Barneys video edit via the medium of sound……watch this space.



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