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3 Minute Heroes

February 27th, 2017 by sally

Its a very good song! Its also the name of a Youth Project that I have been involved with recently through The Warren, turning schoolchildrens lyrics into a song and contributing this track to an album. It will be used to inspire children to express themselves and deal with their mental health issues in a healthy way. The album will be released digitally for free worldwide and will be accessed by young people through rolling blog updates with other links relating to mental health and music included. Many other awesome Hull musicians are involved. I had great fun recording my tune last week with Pat at AOO Studios 😀 So watch this space for more information about this release! <3

#ThreeMinuteHeroes #HearMeOut A Warren Youth Project Initiative Integrating Music and Mental Health. Coming soon!! @2017hull

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Nothing Stronger than a Girl….

February 10th, 2017 by sally

A few weeks ago I met up with a lovely lady called Holly who interviewed me about my life – go and get yourself a brew and have a nice long read! Its long because I talked for an hour long stop… :O

Her whole blog is really interesting so I highly recommend that you have a bit of a dig around the other posts too and of course if you are a girl with a story – I am sure she would love you get to get in touch with her to take part… x


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