Travel Eivissa Week 4.5

November 23rd, 2017 by Sally

Sunday.. The final day, the day that I start my long and hopefully not arduous journey home (Heres a clue, I had some wishful thinking going on here) Before I went though, I decided to go to an ecstatic dance group with one of my sisters colleagues, Hannah who I hit it off with after discovered a shared love for all sorts of cool music in the trance, Psytrance and tech house end of the spectrum. I actually thought it was really good and wondering when the next ecstatic dance group was in Hull then I realised Hull is about 10 years behind everyone else and there would be no chance of having one.

Ecstatic dance focuses on the natural high you get from dancing and sharing musical experiences. It is raving without the drugs which is fine by me. The music was just brilliant because it went from super chill drone music to some really good banging stuff. Lots of eastern instruments and didjeridu’s in there. I was at home really. If you think about Zumba and that’s just a bunch of people doing a class where you copy the teacher, ecstatic dance is the class where you do what the hell you like, the absolute opposite. It was like being at a rave of a fairly obscure genre of electronic music that the mainstream haven’t caught onto yet and you actually have room to dance as crazily as possible. I was very very happy but also sad because this was the first class of the winter and I have to go home 🙁

After this, we went and chilled in Hannah’s garden for a bit in the glorious sunshine and then Lizzy made an absolutely banging Sunday Roast. I was joined in this homage to English food by Dan, Michael and Ruth who are simply fab and they are really nice friends to my sister and have been wonderful to me whilst I have been here. Then Hannah was ace and drove me to the ferry.

The ferry was cool, I struck up a conversation with a Glaswegian called Arj who was in Ibiza picking up his car. He has a 1990’s boxy porsche which he had driven to Ibiza in some sort of rally. That’s pretty awesome. We had a deep discussion about the state of global affairs and the food supply chain.

I then went to sleep and had about 2 hours sleep before the sea became super choppy and I spent the rest of the night rolling around. I was briefly scared but I thought I might as well enjoy it and be wavey. I did not enjoy carting my very heavy luggage around Barcelona the next morning…. 😉

Fortunately I found the left luggage and could spend a few hours staggering around sans luggage and looking at Barcelona. I found the museum of Catalan art which has some superb vistas across the city. I then found a coffee shop where I had my 8th coffee of the morning and the guy in there was playing 1960’s Jamaican Ska, which was random because I am extremely well versed in this music. So I struck up a conversation with him and he asked how long I was staying as there is a really cool show on Wednesday. I said unfortunately I am leaving in one hour and gave him my contact details and it turns out the band was the Skatalites… So basically if I go back to Barcelona I am totally gona hang with this guy if he knows where all the good shows are!

Eventually I got on the train. I really wish I had more sleep so I could enjoy the train more. The landscape was awesome and I am dead cert that I saw some flamingos at one point. Who knows, I was most likely hallucinating from no sleep.

I got to Lyon at about 7pm, easily got myself a cab to my hostel. My hostel is great and I had plenty of red wine and chats with the inhabitants. I got chatting to a dude who is into skating and he informed me of his plan to set up a business designing skateboard decks and also informed me of the existence of the skating community here in Lyon.. Maybe in the summer I should come back and have a look!

My final day abroad involved me looking at Lyon in some detail, a brisk morning walk down the Rhone to the Musee De La Confluences was cold but very pleasant, I was drawn to an exhibition about poison being the optimistic and joyful person that I am.

As the museum sits on the bit of land In between where the Rhone and the Saone converge, I thought I would also see if I could get right to the end point and was delighted to find that I could. I found possibly the most aesthetically pleasing thing I could ever have found in France, an old railway track on a cobbled road leading directly into the river, as if any train who traversed it were to end up on the riverbed….This was accompanied by a solitary swan preening itself. I am not sure that romantic is the correct word, perhaps the French have a really articulate phrase or word to describe this specific moment. I am sure that they do.

Anyway I find out that also at the museum there is an exhibition about the birth of cinema, specifically the contributions of the Lumiere family on this topic. This was an absolutely fascinating collection of items from the Lumiere Institute which included the original Cinematograph used in what is considered the first showing of Cinema in 1895 at the Grand Salon in Paris. It had loads of examples of its predecessors, and also many examples of films shot by the Cinematograph operators, which were pretty radical as it made more readily available to the layman information about other cultures and countries that they could not ever hope to visit.

I also found the original exhibition I wanted to see called Venenum (about the history of poison) fascinating as well. I spent a good three hours in those exhibitions. The history of poison covered a time period from ancient Egypt and Greece to the present day. It also covered cultures from all of the continents. I saw a blue frog. I learnt about many plants and their poisonous properties and also the perceived antidotes to these things. I also learnt about how some of these naturally occurring poisons are the foundations of modern medicines. Finally the stories and intrigue around using poisons were fascinating including the commonly used image of the female as the person who administers poison.

I also went and had a look around Old Lyon which was pretty and I then went to an art gallery which had an amazing collection of contemporary art, including a couple of original Dali’s. The owner despite speaking very little english was super friendly and took me around every single painting explaining what it was. It was a cool exhibition.

By this time I was knackered so I went and had a meal in a tiny French restauraunt. (I was boring and got steak) The food was to die for and so was the wine so I was very happy. I also had a Crème brulee. I did not take a picture of my food.

I wish I had a bit more time to spend in Lyon, but unfortunately my journey is over and I am now sitting on a train back to England thinking why can’t we have nice cheap trains – I have literally travelled nearly 1000 miles from Barcelona to London for the same price as it would take to get me from Hull to Cornwall. Pfffrrrrt….

Travel Eivissa Week 4

November 15th, 2017 by Sally

Today is a full moon (the Saturday) and also the closing party at Chiringuita Cala Nova. There was also a really badass storm which meant that loads of people were put off going so whilst it wasn’t quiet, there was just enough room to dance 😀 I drank more alcohol in one night than I did for the rest of my trip combined and danced by the light of the moon to some jolly good music.

At the end we hitch hiked home which was surprisingly easy probably because we were 3 girls and some guys had a big car. We could have gone to Guarana the place open till 7am every day of the week but Lizzy said no and that was good, and all was well.

The next day I was very hungover and we decided to drive to San Antonio to have a look at the sunset strip which was completely deserted and like a ghost town. We ate some really nice food at a place called K Vida. The drive into San An is amazing and you can see why they put everything there.
I was really hungover so I didn’t do much else. This is how I started my penultimate week in Ibiza.

Finally, better late than never this week I was totally successful in organising intercambio, something I had given up on until I got home. I reconciled the fact in my head that ironically it would be far easier to practise speaking Spanish down Newland Ave in Hull than it was to practise on a Spanish island (even though it is Ibiza, the tourists had gone home so surely the actual Spanish must have outnumbered those who were not).

Nevertheless I had not one but TWO sessions of intercambio, one in Santa Eularia, and one in Ibiza Town. It was fabulous! I wish this had happened in my first week so I could sit and actually write down and learn some proper things other than ‘I am going home on Sunday, Sorry!!’. It was nice to travel around by bus as well and meet some new people by myself – it’s one of the reasons I came for so long. Anyway I am sure my Spanish is a bit better than before I came and I think it will be fun to go and do intercambio in Hull and keep learning it! Maybe if I come back at the beginning of next Summer I will do it again and get myself into Ibiza town a bit more often which is where the most activity happens in this respect. I don’t mind the bus ride and I know where the parking is now if I have a car. Other than that the week was alright I biked to Cala Nova a couple of times which is my favourite beach. It’s still fairly warm although it is getting cooler and when the tourists go home the nudes come out to frolick and play in the sea wild and free like how they were born.

I will miss aimlessly staring at the nice blue sea…On Friday we went to the best restaurant ever, Taco Paco which is a really authentic Mexican place which serves tamales and agua de jamaica :D:D:D I drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of tacos and then had a shot of Hierbas and then a shot of Tequila. This meant that my sleep patterns were ruined and I have no idea how I was not physically sick but I suppose that is a good thing! If you are ever in Santa Eularia on holiday – GO TO TACO PACO I give it 11/10. I just read trip advisor and someone wrote a review basically comparing this place with the other Mexican in Sta Eularia he said it was like comparing Brazil to Accrington Stanley XD

This meant that Saturday we did not do very much apart from doing a small bit of shopping on the high street and then going to Almacen (the real name of the China shop) so I could say good bye to the plastic flower section and also ask the shopkeeper successfully and entirely in Spanish where the blank CD’s were. I also discovered that you could buy pens which had a toilet on them which you press a button and an emoji poo comes out. They also sell plastic fingers which make farting noises… methinks Lizzy is going to get all of our xmas pressies from there… I have asked for an emoji poo toilet pen.

Eivissa Travel Week 3

November 7th, 2017 by Sally

On Sunday we went to ‘Soft Yoga’ which is a bit like Yin yoga but this time we had to do the chanting instead of the OMMing and I don’t know the words to the chants. I know the Hare Krishna one and I know that OM is pronounced AUM but that’s it. All in all, Sunday was a very relaxed day.

Lizzy returned to work on Monday so on her work days I am now in a highly beneficial routine of writing to festivals/music venues, working on my businesses that I do things with, practising my viola, practising my poi and walking by the sea again. I am really happy that I bought my practise poi with me otherwise I would have a few black eyes right now.

We needed to make a plan for Halloween. There is a shop which is affectionately called the China shop because everything in the shop is made in China (it’s got a proper name but I can’t remember it). This shop is the greatest shop in the universe. You can buy literally anything in this shop. It is like Boyes’s, B&M, Home Bargains and NikNaks all in one. You can furnish a completely empty house with the contents of this shop for under £100, although everything will malfunction within a week of purchase. There is a really extensive plastic flower section. I have no idea how long half the stuff has been there. For some reason I can’t stop going there. Lizzy tells me she goes at least three times a week.

The neon makeup section never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I am daunted by the pure amount of choice in there. This is the height of consumerism. There is however a ‘soothing and calming ornaments inspired by eastern religions and philosophy’ section which has a buddha statue with some running water playing fake running water and birdsong sounds which to be honest has to be the most aggressive and stressful sound I have ever heard. The birds sound like they are on speed. I might have to write them a letter of complaint.

Anyway, they also had exactly every single thing we needed to construct our halloween costumes. I decided to go as Frida Kahlo and Lizzy as a mime. Our costumes were ace. I decided to invade Lizzy’s extensive makeup collection to really make up my face. This is my tutorial. I’d do a video but I CBA.

1. Select your products. I used:

L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream
Clinique Superbalanced Silk Makeup
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW brightening makeup
Benefit Dandelion
Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in Floral Glow
NYX Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour in Medium Beige/Ash Brown
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in YDK and Midnight Cowboy Strikes Again
Arbonne Black Mascara
Arbonne Lipstick in Currant

This by the way, is one year’s worth of makeup on my face in one night as I rarely wear it.

2. Attempt to figure out what the hell some of these products do I mean wtf the Loreal stuff is green. Put the green stuff on first just in case it makes my face green. It did not.
3. Be really careful with the Clinique stuff because it’s EXPENSIVE. Do not pour it down the sink by accident. Instead, tentatively pour out a smidgen at a time and take ages to put it on your face. Do not be startled by loud noises or other things which compromise the safety of the expensive face stuff.
4. Wonder what the Oxygen WOW stuff does and put it all over your face. Wonder if they have a product called Nitrous oxide HAHAHA and if it makes your face laugh.
5. Put the Benefit dandelion stuff on. It looks like blusher. It is indeed blusher but you can also put that all over your face if you like, that’s what it says on the box.
6. Put the blusher from the Kate Moss Sculpting Palette on coz its more pink. I didn’t actually realise this was a ‘sculpting palette’ until writing this today. Ignore the complex instructions on the back of how to actually put this on, which includes a picture of Kate Moss with various stripes on her face looking like a tribal warrior.
7. Get the eyebrow contour out, which is conveniently exactly the same colour as my real eyebrows and fill in the gaps between my eyebrows to make a really amazing monobrow. Do the same around the hairs of the upper lip in order to recreate accurately the natural beauty of Frida who did not bow down to the patriarchal expectation to remove her hair.
8. Put all the other stuff on, I think everyone is familiar with eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick aren’t we?

We went to Mischief at Atzaro which was really good. In Ibiza everyone goes nuts for halloween and they put a lot of effort into it… The décor was superb. I got free booze for being a convincing Frida and my sister and I spent a large proportion of the evening talking to an austrian man dressed as a ladybird and his friends, none of whom I recall were dressed up.

We were super lucky because it’s hard to get a taxi home promptly so we just blagged a lift almost immediately with a photographer going onto his next gig. Lucky us!

The weather is starting to cool down but still in the 20’s so no coats or trousers allowed still. I expect people in the UK to hate me. I have been riding my sisters bicycle with earnest around the area, checking out the beaches and dying at any sign of a hill, because im a) really unfit and b) from Hull where there are no hills ever. The beaches are great at this time of year because it’s still hot enough to go, and they’ve now packed all the sunbeds away. How nice it would have been to be here before the tourism developments.. There are a few amazing beaches within half an hours bike ride of the apartment.

On Friday I went to a bread making workshop – I now have an extremely large piece of bread to eat. It was sourdough. I made a pizza and ate it as well. The workshop took place on a farm in the middle of the countryside which grew all its own produce and had quite a few animals alongside a pre-school so kids could learn about the animals. I have a feeling the workshop should have been for children but I am a massive child and I don’t care. I have a badass loaf of bread to eat which will feed 1000 Jesus style. Also I got a massive bike ride in the country away from the hotels it’s just amazingly beautiful. However I could not be arsed to take any pictures and no I won’t be cycling around with a go pro attached to my head.

I completed my week by getting a bus into Ibiza town and locating an excellent wine and cheese bar called Born and meeting my sister after her spinning class. Born is nice. The wine is nice. The cheese is nice. I even ate the blue cheese. There are lots of nice little wine bars in Ibiza town to hang out at. Wine Wine Wine.

Eivissa Travel Week 2 (its a bit late)

November 2nd, 2017 by Sally

This week was half term for my sister so there was considerably less work on the agenda and more things like going to the beach.

I went to Pikes Closing party on the Saturday night which was awesome. I like it there even though the drinks are not free (as per club tropicana) – it is nice there because the clientele is extremely varied leading to a really good vibe and there are a few piano’s kicking about as well which meant I had a little tinkle of course but then we also had a right good singalong to someone who could actually play the piano properly and could play things like the beatles and oasis… unfortunately the bathtub karaoke was closed so maybe next season will be the time I get to partake in bathtub karaoke…we had a jolly good dance and I got home way past my bedtime. The music was quite euphoric which makes a change from the darkness that I am usually found dancing to…

I have been to no less than 4 beaches this week which is a lot. Instead of tanning like a leather bag I chose to take spanish textbooks and try to learn more spanish and also to regard the people on the nudist beaches who love to show off how cool they are by doing yoga poses and various meditation rituals completely in the nude – I wonder if they do this at fraisthorpe beach… its probably a bit too cold to be standing on your head and displaying your testicles to the world at large there.. Maybe I will have a look. I kept my clothes on for your information. The sea is still refreshingly warm and I consorted with a lot of fish. One of the beaches even had no sunbeds which was an absolute delight. Portinatx is very pretty as well.

We also went to the closing party at chirincana which had some excellent afrobeat stuff going on under the light of the moon which was bright.

We are trying to think of Halloween costumes – fortunately there is a bank holiday on 1st November so we will celebrate Halloween on the day itself. I am deeply considering going as no face from spirited away if I can find a black sheet…or Frida Kahlo.

Ibiza is very nice in the north – it is mountainous and the windy roads give way to epic mountain and sea views as we drove very nice and safely around the island by my sister who is very competent at driving and I felt safe at all times apart from the time I made her drive to Ibiza town, gave her the wrong directions and then she nearly ran over an elderly man.. Whoops… I got hold of an amp finally from Juan Carlos, who quoted me a price and then immediately dropped it by a significant amount when I spoke with him in Spanish to complete the transaction.

I also had a pleasant bike ride all the way up to Es Canar which is full of british bars – fortunately a little way past Es Canar there is a very nice place called Madre Tierra which sold organic everything and some very tasty craft ales for a reasonable price….

I still cannot say Es Canar properly.. There is a bar there called Grannys fun parlour or something. We did not go there.

I am trying to organise intercambio with the locals via a facebook group – So far I have failed mainly because everyone keeps either dropping out last minute or trying to make me be early – I am never early, I expected the time management to be somewhat loose but I just cannot be early. This week I will try again. I am tired of saying abstract things like ‘I am not a horse’ or ‘I only swim in February but I eat chicken in May’ or even ‘they are not spiders, they are crabs’. I might have more luck in England! I did manage to have a chat with a Catalan man in Chirincana almost entirely in Spanish but I was really drunk so I could not feel the benefit. Another random fact is that a statistically high amount of the english speaking people in my group are from or have lived in East Yorkshire. It’s a small world. It means I don’t have to divert to my usual tactic of telling people I am from Manchester.

I have been going to yoga a lot. There is a great school called pure OM. It is exactly like when I used to go to Amiyoga on princes ave and I am delighted that my sister loves this stuff too. We have been doing yin yoga – we went to the hatha yoga class but for some reason whenever I have done a hatha yoga class here it has been brutal – with no instruction for doing any intermediate poses for the less bendy amongst us – fortunately I’ve done enough yoga to be able to do this… It’s really useful to go to a class though.

Last night I went into Ibiza town with Lizzy and Ruth and we had a really amazing meal at a place called locals only. It was really really nice, and reasonably priced (45EUR a head) for the quality. The food was all locally sourced farm to table, and super delicious. I want to go again before I leave purely to eat the stuff I missed out on as the menu was really interesting. I ate a lovely steak which was definitely cooked medium as I asked  – with black truffle mash, roasted mediterranean veg and a really badass chocolate souffle. We also had a cheese board with brie, pecans, chutney, dates, a strong spanish hard cheese and some blue cheese. We drank organic wine too. I have not had one hangover this journey.. This is unusual as I am a massive lightweight. Hurray for organic wine sin sulphates! ^_^

I am nearly halfway through my time here.. Booo!!!

Substance Festival & final show o’ the year <3

October 23rd, 2017 by Sally

Think this will be an epic way to round off my amazing musical year…

Substance Live celebrates the future of the North through the music of some of our most innovative and forward-thinking artists.
From the politically charged post-punk of Nadine Shah to psychedelic dream pop of Jane Weaver via an electronic/brass band intergalactic odyssey courtesy of Hannah Peel, the performance art punk of Lone Taxidermist, all female five-piece outfit PINSand homegrown freak folk of The Dyr Sister and the two-piece sister doom band Chambers. All hosted by 6Music’s and Radio 3’s Elizabeth Alker this is a celebration of the diverse and ground-breaking talent that the North always has and always will produce.
Tickets HERE


October 20th, 2017 by Sally



After finishing my shows of the summer and early autumn and a long time with alot of stress my inner Dyr told me to get the hell out of the country for at least a month and chill aaaaaart. I am privileged that my sister lives in Ibiza and she seems to be one of the only people who can make me laugh before coffee so that’s a good place to go. Somewhere where people can make me laugh before coffee… a good place.


I bought Tallulah my viola and some of my loop pedal gear so I can keep practicing whilst I am out here. Everyone keeps saying have a nice holiday but I am not really on holiday… I’m not really into spending all my money on expensive food and drink or sitting stationary on a beach frying myself until I assume the likeness of a leather bag. I’m just here to do things I like and make me happy before coming back home. I’ve been on 5% battery for about 2 years despite concerted efforts to make it otherwise.


I also have a small matter of a tour to try and book and some festivals to apply for… I think this is the first year where I am not chained to a desk for 8+ hours a day working finance with the thought of going home and filling out many subtly different forms on the computer even more until I go to bed which is a bit like torture…. Woop! Its blazing hot outside but as a musician I am used to being in dark windowless rooms when it is hot rehearsing or recording… I am 5 minutes’ walk away from the sea so I go there at least twice a day to look at the horizon. The sea is my telly rn. I have been watching real television too which I normally do not do. This week I watched George Michael’s Freedom it is very good.


In order for my loop pedal to work I need an amp. I found out that there is just one music shop on the island in Ibiza town, so on Monday off I went to Ibiza town to find the shop and met a dude called Juan Carlos who is finding me an amp and ill ring him later to see if he has the goods… he said It would take maybe a week which is fair play and I’m in no rush… you don’t rush here!! I am a very slow person so this suits me very well.


So here is a list of things I am doing in a very leisurely fashion:

  1. Yoga
  2. Trying to give up smoking. I am not very good at this. I am listening to Allan Carr’s easy way to stop smoking over Brian Eno’s music for airports stretched to 6 hours long (Thanks Mike Freear for doing this and uploading to youtube, he actually probably has no idea who I am… I like his band). I am one of those idiots who bought the book, read it with excess levels of cynicism and then lent it to my friends. Who now don’t smoke…
  3. Re-learning Spanish in a structured manner
  4. Playing the viola and singing
  5. Poi
  6. Going to look at the sea
  7. Eating really healthy homecooked food
  8. Riding bicycles in my very own little bicyclub

I would like to see an octopus in its natural environment before I leave. Its school half term so this weekend its party time… gona bring out my blue giraffe jumpsuit and go dancing in Pikes! <3 (the drinks are NOT free….) xXxXx


May 28th, 2017 by Sally

Hello peoples of the universe… here are my June Listings some brilliant shows to look forwards to in interesting places! hope to see you there! <3


May 13th, 2017 by Sally

Thanks very very much to the entity known as Steve’s 9th Incarnation for doing a remix of one of my tunes. Find out which one it is by listening below and also please do situate yourself next to some nice speakers for the ultimate experience! I love remixes!! <3

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