October 20th, 2017 by Sally



After finishing my shows of the summer and early autumn and a long time with alot of stress my inner Dyr told me to get the hell out of the country for at least a month and chill aaaaaart. I am privileged that my sister lives in Ibiza and she seems to be one of the only people who can make me laugh before coffee so that’s a good place to go. Somewhere where people can make me laugh before coffee… a good place.


I bought Tallulah my viola and some of my loop pedal gear so I can keep practicing whilst I am out here. Everyone keeps saying have a nice holiday but I am not really on holiday… I’m not really into spending all my money on expensive food and drink or sitting stationary on a beach frying myself until I assume the likeness of a leather bag. I’m just here to do things I like and make me happy before coming back home. I’ve been on 5% battery for about 2 years despite concerted efforts to make it otherwise.


I also have a small matter of a tour to try and book and some festivals to apply for… I think this is the first year where I am not chained to a desk for 8+ hours a day working finance with the thought of going home and filling out many subtly different forms on the computer even more until I go to bed which is a bit like torture…. Woop! Its blazing hot outside but as a musician I am used to being in dark windowless rooms when it is hot rehearsing or recording… I am 5 minutes’ walk away from the sea so I go there at least twice a day to look at the horizon. The sea is my telly rn. I have been watching real television too which I normally do not do. This week I watched George Michael’s Freedom it is very good.


In order for my loop pedal to work I need an amp. I found out that there is just one music shop on the island in Ibiza town, so on Monday off I went to Ibiza town to find the shop and met a dude called Juan Carlos who is finding me an amp and ill ring him later to see if he has the goods… he said It would take maybe a week which is fair play and I’m in no rush… you don’t rush here!! I am a very slow person so this suits me very well.


So here is a list of things I am doing in a very leisurely fashion:

  1. Yoga
  2. Trying to give up smoking. I am not very good at this. I am listening to Allan Carr’s easy way to stop smoking over Brian Eno’s music for airports stretched to 6 hours long (Thanks Mike Freear for doing this and uploading to youtube, he actually probably has no idea who I am… I like his band). I am one of those idiots who bought the book, read it with excess levels of cynicism and then lent it to my friends. Who now don’t smoke…
  3. Re-learning Spanish in a structured manner
  4. Playing the viola and singing
  5. Poi
  6. Going to look at the sea
  7. Eating really healthy homecooked food
  8. Riding bicycles in my very own little bicyclub

I would like to see an octopus in its natural environment before I leave. Its school half term so this weekend its party time… gona bring out my blue giraffe jumpsuit and go dancing in Pikes! <3 (the drinks are NOT free….) xXxXx


May 28th, 2017 by Sally

Hello peoples of the universe… here are my June Listings some brilliant shows to look forwards to in interesting places! hope to see you there! <3


May 13th, 2017 by Sally

Thanks very very much to the entity known as Steve’s 9th Incarnation for doing a remix of one of my tunes. Find out which one it is by listening below and also please do situate yourself next to some nice speakers for the ultimate experience! I love remixes!! <3

3 Minute Heroes

February 27th, 2017 by Sally

Its a very good song! Its also the name of a Youth Project that I have been involved with recently through The Warren, turning schoolchildrens lyrics into a song and contributing this track to an album. It will be used to inspire children to express themselves and deal with their mental health issues in a healthy way. The album will be released digitally for free worldwide and will be accessed by young people through rolling blog updates with other links relating to mental health and music included. Many other awesome Hull musicians are involved. I had great fun recording my tune last week with Pat at AOO Studios 😀 So watch this space for more information about this release! <3

#ThreeMinuteHeroes #HearMeOut A Warren Youth Project Initiative Integrating Music and Mental Health. Coming soon!! @2017hull

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Nothing Stronger than a Girl….

February 10th, 2017 by Sally

A few weeks ago I met up with a lovely lady called Holly who interviewed me about my life – go and get yourself a brew and have a nice long read! Its long because I talked for an hour long stop… :O

Her whole blog is really interesting so I highly recommend that you have a bit of a dig around the other posts too and of course if you are a girl with a story – I am sure she would love you get to get in touch with her to take part… x


January’s Post…

January 29th, 2017 by Sally

Greetings everyone! it is nearly the end of Januarywhich I mention for the sake of having a generic reference point in time to which everyone can refer to.

I have been busy celebrating Christmas, drinking my body weight in excellent wine in the Basque country and recovering from a selection of viruses and illnesses! hurray! Although I am somewhat behind schedule with my activities… I have also garnered a small selection of shows early this spring which I shall announce to you now.

25th March 2017 – CUTE OWL Festival of Innovative Music @ The Troubadour in London. Current Billing is Tangerinecat, Stephanie Finegan,Code: Marla vs Spire Cranes and myself! Official event and Links to tickets to follow….

27th March 2017 – The Gaslight Club @ Oporto Bar in Leeds. More deets HERE

30th March 2017 – Awayke 12 @ The New Adelphi Club. More Deets HERE

I appreciate this is a rather long way away, so if you can’t wait that long… then get yourselves down to this show next Friday, where I will be performing with my band The Immigrants. We are an ultra groovy 7 piece dance party band. Sharing the stage with some other wonderful acts of which more details can be found HERE

In October I undertook a collaboration with my friend Barney. We performed a durational performance art piece at Ground Art Gallery entitled Control. It was kindly and meticulously recorded by some excellent humans, and my next task (after doing my tax return) is to respond to Barneys video edit via the medium of sound……watch this space.



A small tale and some new videos…

November 12th, 2016 by Sally

A few months ago I made a trip to London to catch the Yayoi Kusama exhibition and hang out with my fella. On the evening before we went out to a Wetherspoons near our hotel. I walked in and instantly it struck me as strange that there were so many people in the pub but it was so quiet!!

I had inadvertently walked into the regular deaf peoples night that is held there 🙂 I am hearing impaired and I know no other hearing impaired or deaf people really at all, so seeing so many people at once was a new thing for me! I got talking to one of the other people there after they signed to me but… I know no sign language! (It is one of the things on my eternal to do list to learn, should I find myself in the situation that my hearing gets even worse than it is now).

I mentioned that I was a musician and that I played gigs in London a couple of times a year. I told him where he could find my stuff on the internet and then he asked if I subtitled my videos…. I explained that I didn’t but that I would certainly do so from now on! So after I managed to get some filming done at one of my recent shows I have some new video’s up online and they are subtitled! hurray! Have a look on my videos page HERE

I am currently getting ready for my show next Wednesday at The Basement in York. I’m supporting Funke & the Two Tone Baby which means its going to be a really awesome show! Hopefully see you there!



June 27th, 2016 by Sally

Alright Ladies and Gents – Here is a splendid and lush remix of The Girl with A Cloud About Her Head done by Kev La Kat. It is a bit like we have morphed into a mythical DyrKat… Go and have a gander and don’t forget to check out Kev’s super good record label, Loveourrecords on the next stage of your weeks musical voyage! xx

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