Eivissa Travel Week 2 (its a bit late)

November 2nd, 2017 by Sally

This week was half term for my sister so there was considerably less work on the agenda and more things like going to the beach.

I went to Pikes Closing party on the Saturday night which was awesome. I like it there even though the drinks are not free (as per club tropicana) – it is nice there because the clientele is extremely varied leading to a really good vibe and there are a few piano’s kicking about as well which meant I had a little tinkle of course but then we also had a right good singalong to someone who could actually play the piano properly and could play things like the beatles and oasis… unfortunately the bathtub karaoke was closed so maybe next season will be the time I get to partake in bathtub karaoke…we had a jolly good dance and I got home way past my bedtime. The music was quite euphoric which makes a change from the darkness that I am usually found dancing to…

I have been to no less than 4 beaches this week which is a lot. Instead of tanning like a leather bag I chose to take spanish textbooks and try to learn more spanish and also to regard the people on the nudist beaches who love to show off how cool they are by doing yoga poses and various meditation rituals completely in the nude – I wonder if they do this at fraisthorpe beach… its probably a bit too cold to be standing on your head and displaying your testicles to the world at large there.. Maybe I will have a look. I kept my clothes on for your information. The sea is still refreshingly warm and I consorted with a lot of fish. One of the beaches even had no sunbeds which was an absolute delight. Portinatx is very pretty as well.

We also went to the closing party at chirincana which had some excellent afrobeat stuff going on under the light of the moon which was bright.

We are trying to think of Halloween costumes – fortunately there is a bank holiday on 1st November so we will celebrate Halloween on the day itself. I am deeply considering going as no face from spirited away if I can find a black sheet…or Frida Kahlo.

Ibiza is very nice in the north – it is mountainous and the windy roads give way to epic mountain and sea views as we drove very nice and safely around the island by my sister who is very competent at driving and I felt safe at all times apart from the time I made her drive to Ibiza town, gave her the wrong directions and then she nearly ran over an elderly man.. Whoops… I got hold of an amp finally from Juan Carlos, who quoted me a price and then immediately dropped it by a significant amount when I spoke with him in Spanish to complete the transaction.

I also had a pleasant bike ride all the way up to Es Canar which is full of british bars – fortunately a little way past Es Canar there is a very nice place called Madre Tierra which sold organic everything and some very tasty craft ales for a reasonable price….

I still cannot say Es Canar properly.. There is a bar there called Grannys fun parlour or something. We did not go there.

I am trying to organise intercambio with the locals via a facebook group – So far I have failed mainly because everyone keeps either dropping out last minute or trying to make me be early – I am never early, I expected the time management to be somewhat loose but I just cannot be early. This week I will try again. I am tired of saying abstract things like ‘I am not a horse’ or ‘I only swim in February but I eat chicken in May’ or even ‘they are not spiders, they are crabs’. I might have more luck in England! I did manage to have a chat with a Catalan man in Chirincana almost entirely in Spanish but I was really drunk so I could not feel the benefit. Another random fact is that a statistically high amount of the english speaking people in my group are from or have lived in East Yorkshire. It’s a small world. It means I don’t have to divert to my usual tactic of telling people I am from Manchester.

I have been going to yoga a lot. There is a great school called pure OM. It is exactly like when I used to go to Amiyoga on princes ave and I am delighted that my sister loves this stuff too. We have been doing yin yoga – we went to the hatha yoga class but for some reason whenever I have done a hatha yoga class here it has been brutal – with no instruction for doing any intermediate poses for the less bendy amongst us – fortunately I’ve done enough yoga to be able to do this… It’s really useful to go to a class though.

Last night I went into Ibiza town with Lizzy and Ruth and we had a really amazing meal at a place called locals only. It was really really nice, and reasonably priced (45EUR a head) for the quality. The food was all locally sourced farm to table, and super delicious. I want to go again before I leave purely to eat the stuff I missed out on as the menu was really interesting. I ate a lovely steak which was definitely cooked medium as I asked  – with black truffle mash, roasted mediterranean veg and a really badass chocolate souffle. We also had a cheese board with brie, pecans, chutney, dates, a strong spanish hard cheese and some blue cheese. We drank organic wine too. I have not had one hangover this journey.. This is unusual as I am a massive lightweight. Hurray for organic wine sin sulphates! ^_^

I am nearly halfway through my time here.. Booo!!!

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