Eivissa Travel Week 3

November 7th, 2017 by Sally

On Sunday we went to ‘Soft Yoga’ which is a bit like Yin yoga but this time we had to do the chanting instead of the OMMing and I don’t know the words to the chants. I know the Hare Krishna one and I know that OM is pronounced AUM but that’s it. All in all, Sunday was a very relaxed day.

Lizzy returned to work on Monday so on her work days I am now in a highly beneficial routine of writing to festivals/music venues, working on my businesses that I do things with, practising my viola, practising my poi and walking by the sea again. I am really happy that I bought my practise poi with me otherwise I would have a few black eyes right now.

We needed to make a plan for Halloween. There is a shop which is affectionately called the China shop because everything in the shop is made in China (it’s got a proper name but I can’t remember it). This shop is the greatest shop in the universe. You can buy literally anything in this shop. It is like Boyes’s, B&M, Home Bargains and NikNaks all in one. You can furnish a completely empty house with the contents of this shop for under £100, although everything will malfunction within a week of purchase. There is a really extensive plastic flower section. I have no idea how long half the stuff has been there. For some reason I can’t stop going there. Lizzy tells me she goes at least three times a week.

The neon makeup section never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I am daunted by the pure amount of choice in there. This is the height of consumerism. There is however a ‘soothing and calming ornaments inspired by eastern religions and philosophy’ section which has a buddha statue with some running water playing fake running water and birdsong sounds which to be honest has to be the most aggressive and stressful sound I have ever heard. The birds sound like they are on speed. I might have to write them a letter of complaint.

Anyway, they also had exactly every single thing we needed to construct our halloween costumes. I decided to go as Frida Kahlo and Lizzy as a mime. Our costumes were ace. I decided to invade Lizzy’s extensive makeup collection to really make up my face. This is my tutorial. I’d do a video but I CBA.

1. Select your products. I used:

L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream
Clinique Superbalanced Silk Makeup
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW brightening makeup
Benefit Dandelion
Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in Floral Glow
NYX Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour in Medium Beige/Ash Brown
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in YDK and Midnight Cowboy Strikes Again
Arbonne Black Mascara
Arbonne Lipstick in Currant

This by the way, is one year’s worth of makeup on my face in one night as I rarely wear it.

2. Attempt to figure out what the hell some of these products do I mean wtf the Loreal stuff is green. Put the green stuff on first just in case it makes my face green. It did not.
3. Be really careful with the Clinique stuff because it’s EXPENSIVE. Do not pour it down the sink by accident. Instead, tentatively pour out a smidgen at a time and take ages to put it on your face. Do not be startled by loud noises or other things which compromise the safety of the expensive face stuff.
4. Wonder what the Oxygen WOW stuff does and put it all over your face. Wonder if they have a product called Nitrous oxide HAHAHA and if it makes your face laugh.
5. Put the Benefit dandelion stuff on. It looks like blusher. It is indeed blusher but you can also put that all over your face if you like, that’s what it says on the box.
6. Put the blusher from the Kate Moss Sculpting Palette on coz its more pink. I didn’t actually realise this was a ‘sculpting palette’ until writing this today. Ignore the complex instructions on the back of how to actually put this on, which includes a picture of Kate Moss with various stripes on her face looking like a tribal warrior.
7. Get the eyebrow contour out, which is conveniently exactly the same colour as my real eyebrows and fill in the gaps between my eyebrows to make a really amazing monobrow. Do the same around the hairs of the upper lip in order to recreate accurately the natural beauty of Frida who did not bow down to the patriarchal expectation to remove her hair.
8. Put all the other stuff on, I think everyone is familiar with eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick aren’t we?

We went to Mischief at Atzaro which was really good. In Ibiza everyone goes nuts for halloween and they put a lot of effort into it… The décor was superb. I got free booze for being a convincing Frida and my sister and I spent a large proportion of the evening talking to an austrian man dressed as a ladybird and his friends, none of whom I recall were dressed up.

We were super lucky because it’s hard to get a taxi home promptly so we just blagged a lift almost immediately with a photographer going onto his next gig. Lucky us!

The weather is starting to cool down but still in the 20’s so no coats or trousers allowed still. I expect people in the UK to hate me. I have been riding my sisters bicycle with earnest around the area, checking out the beaches and dying at any sign of a hill, because im a) really unfit and b) from Hull where there are no hills ever. The beaches are great at this time of year because it’s still hot enough to go, and they’ve now packed all the sunbeds away. How nice it would have been to be here before the tourism developments.. There are a few amazing beaches within half an hours bike ride of the apartment.

On Friday I went to a bread making workshop – I now have an extremely large piece of bread to eat. It was sourdough. I made a pizza and ate it as well. The workshop took place on a farm in the middle of the countryside which grew all its own produce and had quite a few animals alongside a pre-school so kids could learn about the animals. I have a feeling the workshop should have been for children but I am a massive child and I don’t care. I have a badass loaf of bread to eat which will feed 1000 Jesus style. Also I got a massive bike ride in the country away from the hotels it’s just amazingly beautiful. However I could not be arsed to take any pictures and no I won’t be cycling around with a go pro attached to my head.

I completed my week by getting a bus into Ibiza town and locating an excellent wine and cheese bar called Born and meeting my sister after her spinning class. Born is nice. The wine is nice. The cheese is nice. I even ate the blue cheese. There are lots of nice little wine bars in Ibiza town to hang out at. Wine Wine Wine.

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