July 27th, 2015 by Sally

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am preparing to play at Humber Street Sesh on Saturday. (Have you got your wristbands yet?…im looking at YOU!). I am on at 12.10pm on the Acoustic Stage.

I recently got an Akai MPX8 which is a sample controller and basically its the best – If you wanna go all Bob Dylan on me for putting most of my percussion into a sample pad controller, please feel free to do so, but I really ought to be putting more drums and bass into my set and this is how I can do it. The frog is still alive and kicking though, he’s staying with me for the ride!

So.. I need to get extra extra excellent at using my sample controller. One way to do this is to learn someone else’s song.

I have chosen a song to learn and I am going to perform it at Musicians Night tonight at the Adelphi and it will use my MPX8. If all goes well, then it shall be performed at Humber Street Sesh. It is extremely suitable for children.

I am going to keep the song mostly a secret just in case it all goes Pete Tong but it WILL be a Fish-Hop Opera. So… if you like Fish, and Hip-Hop… come to the Adelphi tonight and have a look!

Some of you might be able to take a good stab at which artist I shall be re-imagining the work of… if you can feel it.. come along!!!!

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