January 7th, 2016 by Sally

Ponytone: A Cross-Cultural Mixtape pt.1 by Aquarium Drunkard on Mixcloud

The Aquarium Drunkard Says…..

Like a ghost ship hovering somewhere off the coast, broadcasting crackly pirate-radio blasts into the ether, Ponytone is as mysterious as it is unrivaled. And by that I mean it is an aural treasure. Welcome to the second installment of an irregular series in which I highlight some of my favorite voices online (and beyond). Reportedly based in the Con Dao Islands off the southern coast of Vietnam, Ponytone’s founder/editor, Lucie, digs through crates of vinyl in the darkest corners of the globe with an emphasis on jazz, disco, rock, soul, psychedelia and off-kilter pop from around the world. Much of the music featured has never before been available online. Without question, one of my favorite music blogs going today. Grab the two-part mix, below, and be sure to bookmark Ponytone. I promise you will thank me later. – ADhttp://www.ponytone.com/

Here is also part 2.

Ponytone: A Cross-Cultural Mixtape pt.2 by Aquarium Drunkard on Mixcloud

I thank him greatly…

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