Travel Eivissa Week 4.5

November 23rd, 2017 by Sally

Sunday.. The final day, the day that I start my long and hopefully not arduous journey home (Heres a clue, I had some wishful thinking going on here) Before I went though, I decided to go to an ecstatic dance group with one of my sisters colleagues, Hannah who I hit it off with after discovered a shared love for all sorts of cool music in the trance, Psytrance and tech house end of the spectrum. I actually thought it was really good and wondering when the next ecstatic dance group was in Hull then I realised Hull is about 10 years behind everyone else and there would be no chance of having one.

Ecstatic dance focuses on the natural high you get from dancing and sharing musical experiences. It is raving without the drugs which is fine by me. The music was just brilliant because it went from super chill drone music to some really good banging stuff. Lots of eastern instruments and didjeridu’s in there. I was at home really. If you think about Zumba and that’s just a bunch of people doing a class where you copy the teacher, ecstatic dance is the class where you do what the hell you like, the absolute opposite. It was like being at a rave of a fairly obscure genre of electronic music that the mainstream haven’t caught onto yet and you actually have room to dance as crazily as possible. I was very very happy but also sad because this was the first class of the winter and I have to go home 🙁

After this, we went and chilled in Hannah’s garden for a bit in the glorious sunshine and then Lizzy made an absolutely banging Sunday Roast. I was joined in this homage to English food by Dan, Michael and Ruth who are simply fab and they are really nice friends to my sister and have been wonderful to me whilst I have been here. Then Hannah was ace and drove me to the ferry.

The ferry was cool, I struck up a conversation with a Glaswegian called Arj who was in Ibiza picking up his car. He has a 1990’s boxy porsche which he had driven to Ibiza in some sort of rally. That’s pretty awesome. We had a deep discussion about the state of global affairs and the food supply chain.

I then went to sleep and had about 2 hours sleep before the sea became super choppy and I spent the rest of the night rolling around. I was briefly scared but I thought I might as well enjoy it and be wavey. I did not enjoy carting my very heavy luggage around Barcelona the next morning…. 😉

Fortunately I found the left luggage and could spend a few hours staggering around sans luggage and looking at Barcelona. I found the museum of Catalan art which has some superb vistas across the city. I then found a coffee shop where I had my 8th coffee of the morning and the guy in there was playing 1960’s Jamaican Ska, which was random because I am extremely well versed in this music. So I struck up a conversation with him and he asked how long I was staying as there is a really cool show on Wednesday. I said unfortunately I am leaving in one hour and gave him my contact details and it turns out the band was the Skatalites… So basically if I go back to Barcelona I am totally gona hang with this guy if he knows where all the good shows are!

Eventually I got on the train. I really wish I had more sleep so I could enjoy the train more. The landscape was awesome and I am dead cert that I saw some flamingos at one point. Who knows, I was most likely hallucinating from no sleep.

I got to Lyon at about 7pm, easily got myself a cab to my hostel. My hostel is great and I had plenty of red wine and chats with the inhabitants. I got chatting to a dude who is into skating and he informed me of his plan to set up a business designing skateboard decks and also informed me of the existence of the skating community here in Lyon.. Maybe in the summer I should come back and have a look!

My final day abroad involved me looking at Lyon in some detail, a brisk morning walk down the Rhone to the Musee De La Confluences was cold but very pleasant, I was drawn to an exhibition about poison being the optimistic and joyful person that I am.

As the museum sits on the bit of land In between where the Rhone and the Saone converge, I thought I would also see if I could get right to the end point and was delighted to find that I could. I found possibly the most aesthetically pleasing thing I could ever have found in France, an old railway track on a cobbled road leading directly into the river, as if any train who traversed it were to end up on the riverbed….This was accompanied by a solitary swan preening itself. I am not sure that romantic is the correct word, perhaps the French have a really articulate phrase or word to describe this specific moment. I am sure that they do.

Anyway I find out that also at the museum there is an exhibition about the birth of cinema, specifically the contributions of the Lumiere family on this topic. This was an absolutely fascinating collection of items from the Lumiere Institute which included the original Cinematograph used in what is considered the first showing of Cinema in 1895 at the Grand Salon in Paris. It had loads of examples of its predecessors, and also many examples of films shot by the Cinematograph operators, which were pretty radical as it made more readily available to the layman information about other cultures and countries that they could not ever hope to visit.

I also found the original exhibition I wanted to see called Venenum (about the history of poison) fascinating as well. I spent a good three hours in those exhibitions. The history of poison covered a time period from ancient Egypt and Greece to the present day. It also covered cultures from all of the continents. I saw a blue frog. I learnt about many plants and their poisonous properties and also the perceived antidotes to these things. I also learnt about how some of these naturally occurring poisons are the foundations of modern medicines. Finally the stories and intrigue around using poisons were fascinating including the commonly used image of the female as the person who administers poison.

I also went and had a look around Old Lyon which was pretty and I then went to an art gallery which had an amazing collection of contemporary art, including a couple of original Dali’s. The owner despite speaking very little english was super friendly and took me around every single painting explaining what it was. It was a cool exhibition.

By this time I was knackered so I went and had a meal in a tiny French restauraunt. (I was boring and got steak) The food was to die for and so was the wine so I was very happy. I also had a Crème brulee. I did not take a picture of my food.

I wish I had a bit more time to spend in Lyon, but unfortunately my journey is over and I am now sitting on a train back to England thinking why can’t we have nice cheap trains – I have literally travelled nearly 1000 miles from Barcelona to London for the same price as it would take to get me from Hull to Cornwall. Pfffrrrrt….

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