Travel Eivissa Week 4

November 15th, 2017 by Sally

Today is a full moon (the Saturday) and also the closing party at Chiringuita Cala Nova. There was also a really badass storm which meant that loads of people were put off going so whilst it wasn’t quiet, there was just enough room to dance 😀 I drank more alcohol in one night than I did for the rest of my trip combined and danced by the light of the moon to some jolly good music.

At the end we hitch hiked home which was surprisingly easy probably because we were 3 girls and some guys had a big car. We could have gone to Guarana the place open till 7am every day of the week but Lizzy said no and that was good, and all was well.

The next day I was very hungover and we decided to drive to San Antonio to have a look at the sunset strip which was completely deserted and like a ghost town. We ate some really nice food at a place called K Vida. The drive into San An is amazing and you can see why they put everything there.
I was really hungover so I didn’t do much else. This is how I started my penultimate week in Ibiza.

Finally, better late than never this week I was totally successful in organising intercambio, something I had given up on until I got home. I reconciled the fact in my head that ironically it would be far easier to practise speaking Spanish down Newland Ave in Hull than it was to practise on a Spanish island (even though it is Ibiza, the tourists had gone home so surely the actual Spanish must have outnumbered those who were not).

Nevertheless I had not one but TWO sessions of intercambio, one in Santa Eularia, and one in Ibiza Town. It was fabulous! I wish this had happened in my first week so I could sit and actually write down and learn some proper things other than ‘I am going home on Sunday, Sorry!!’. It was nice to travel around by bus as well and meet some new people by myself – it’s one of the reasons I came for so long. Anyway I am sure my Spanish is a bit better than before I came and I think it will be fun to go and do intercambio in Hull and keep learning it! Maybe if I come back at the beginning of next Summer I will do it again and get myself into Ibiza town a bit more often which is where the most activity happens in this respect. I don’t mind the bus ride and I know where the parking is now if I have a car. Other than that the week was alright I biked to Cala Nova a couple of times which is my favourite beach. It’s still fairly warm although it is getting cooler and when the tourists go home the nudes come out to frolick and play in the sea wild and free like how they were born.

I will miss aimlessly staring at the nice blue sea…On Friday we went to the best restaurant ever, Taco Paco which is a really authentic Mexican place which serves tamales and agua de jamaica :D:D:D I drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of tacos and then had a shot of Hierbas and then a shot of Tequila. This meant that my sleep patterns were ruined and I have no idea how I was not physically sick but I suppose that is a good thing! If you are ever in Santa Eularia on holiday – GO TO TACO PACO I give it 11/10. I just read trip advisor and someone wrote a review basically comparing this place with the other Mexican in Sta Eularia he said it was like comparing Brazil to Accrington Stanley XD

This meant that Saturday we did not do very much apart from doing a small bit of shopping on the high street and then going to Almacen (the real name of the China shop) so I could say good bye to the plastic flower section and also ask the shopkeeper successfully and entirely in Spanish where the blank CD’s were. I also discovered that you could buy pens which had a toilet on them which you press a button and an emoji poo comes out. They also sell plastic fingers which make farting noises… methinks Lizzy is going to get all of our xmas pressies from there… I have asked for an emoji poo toilet pen.

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